2001 Opening Ceremony at Children School Mahurar

Opening ceremony at Children School Mahurar.

30th November 2001.

Not only children but also all the villagers gathered.

It became a big event in the village.

Children are dressed up and cleaned their hair.

The registered students number was 60 in the last day. The day when the ceremony was held, 200 or more children came.

We were surprised to see all the children who wanted to go to school!


The school.

You can see villagers on the roof...

All the people in the village were interested in our activity.

This building is very good one in the village. It's a rental building from a villager.

We have 3 class rooms.

We didn't expect these many children, It's not enough space for them.


Cutting tape.

The moment of opening school.

The woman beside me is a tibetian living in nepal.

She helped us very much for preparing books and pencils. She is very cheerful and singing often with children.


Giving notebook(or small black board).

An american member helped to hand out.