2006 Visiting student's houses

I and our teachers visit houses of our students in villages randomly.  So that we can know the situation of their life in their houses and villages.  There are few light bulbs in their houses.  TVs are very rare in their villages.  They use cattle manure as fuel to cook.  Their houses are made of mud, using bricks are better one, it is sometimes destroyed by heavy rain in rainy season.


There are students who go to school all the way from their village of 5 to 7 Km distance.  When I raised conditions that only such students can remain in our school who goes to school everyday and stydy enthusiasticly, most deligent students were the students who live in far villages from school.  I couldn't imagine how far they walk everyday.  The students from the village of 5 Km away go to school by walking.  The students from the village of 7 Km away go to school by hichhiking.  When I went to their village, hald of the way I was able to proceed by a car, the road was very rough, and walking other half way made me very tired. I admire all the students come to school every day.  The students from 7 Km away hichhike a car or bus, free for children.  But it is very hard to hichhich a bus, it takes half an hour or more than a hour.  I found the parents who let children go to school from far villages are more enthusiastic for education.  They may know the importance of education.  They are very poor, but they have hopes.  The only way to get out of poverty is education.