2008 Giving lunch everyday started!



Many students lack nutrition. Some students can take a meal a day or sometimes take nothing. In my research, a part of students eat vegetables everyday, almost of all students eat only rice or chapati (made of wheat), sometimes eat vegetables. When they couldn't have something eat, they fast. Most of their parents work in another person's land as a farmer, when they worked to cut rice plant or wheat plant in their season, they are given some rice or wheat's seeds instead of salary. So, they have some grains in stock. But, those grains lust not so long. When it is bad weather, I can not imagine how their situation is.


Surya Bharti School provides lunch meals with beans and vegetables for students, so that it improve their nutritious situation. In last year, we increased times giving lunch gradually, and from November 2008, we are giving lunch meal everyday. After increasing lunch times, students number having cold had been decreased, their skin diseases were improved, and their skin are becoming shine. It effects very well!