2008 Visiting villages of students

Home visiting in 2008


<Villages of our students>

Kolhoura(1.5 Km from our school), Bhalua(1 Km), Bappunagar(0.5 Km), Mahurar(1.5 Km), Tirkha(5 Km), Aura(7~8 Km)


<Foods in their houses>


It is not so many families that can afford to eat 3 meals a day properly, there are some families take twice or once in a day.  Guardians are working very hard but their labor wages are very low, or they works for another farmer's land and get some grains by helping to harvest, and those grains are not enough to live whole year with family.  Vegetables are also preciouse for them.


<Jobs and caste of guardians of our students and Caste>


The jobs of the guardians of our students are mostly farmer, labor, Rikshaw puller, migrant workers, etc.  Most of their caste are lower.  There is a caste system in rural area in India strongly still now.  It is a hierarchical system that makes people's selection of occupations limited as same as their anscester's. However, now a days, there are new occupations appeared. It makes people to get chances to be educated and get good jobs by their talent now.  Education has a power to cut the cycle of bad circulation of poverty.