2008 class room

Class room in Dec 2008 


Class of mathematics. (photo left above) English class. (photo right above) Upper classes are taught by special teachers of each subjects.


Classes are divided by student's level. Therefore you can see variety of student's age in a class.


Nursery class (photo left above). Before going up to class first, they should obtain basics. In nursery, they even study 5 digits calculation. It is very hard to pass the level to class first in bihar. (photo right above) Class of sewing. Students are practicing how to use sewing machine. Some students learned to make a small shirt for doll. Now their target is small bag. (photo left below) Leaning needle works.





Giving a chance of Education

to cihldren in India
NGO Children Aid - Surya Bharti School
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NGO Children Aid

C/O Hotel Mahamaya Palace, Bakraur, Near Sujata bridge, Bodhgaya, Gaya, Bihar 824231, India


Giving chance 
of education
to children in India

There was no school in a village. A few children went to a school by walking long way. Hundreds or more children were playing and working. Of course they could not read and write. They are very poor  and their family can only afford to eat.

We established a school (without tuition fee) in the village.