2007~2008 Photo Album

Photo Album 2007 - 2008


Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5 Class 6 Class 7 Nursery class


Some students are good at studying, always cheerful, always smiling, running faster, writing well, and good painter, Lots of variety. 


After school, some students go to home walking one and half hours, and finish their homework, and help mother. They are very kind.


Before leaving school, have 10 minutes meditation to reflect how was the day.


A boy was named engineer, a girl wants to be a clerk, a girl wants to be a poet. They have own dream.


Winter festival, students wrote scenarios by themselves. It made all fun! Best comedy was VIPbarber. 


Acting in their own clothes. Girls borrowed their mother's sari.


December, Christmas party. Drama Life of Jesus.


Seeing Santa clause at first time, "Who is he wearing red clothes??"


March, we held a culture festival & seminar at our school. Not only guardians but also many people from Gaya attended.


Acting with reality as drunker. All the students performed very well, we were proud of that.


Sun God Surya has 7 horses.


Performing with a song of India's independence.