2009 Sewing and Stitching class

Sewing and stitching class(2008~2009)


Addition to sewing class, we teach stitching mainly for girl students too.

When girl students graduate our school after 10th class, only few of them can go to upper education.

Almost of girl students after 10th class will be forced to marry in villages.

Most of village women after marriage face difficulties of labor work or farming in hottest weather.

If they can master the technique of sewing and stitching, they can earn monery inside of their house with sewing machine.

It is very important to study general subjects.  And it is also very important to learn job training.

I think school is a place to gain a power to live for children.

Sewing and stitching master is one of the real jobs for women.

The students enjoy the class enthusiastically.