2009 Computer class

Computer Class 

<April 2009>

Students in Class 2 to Class 4 study knowledge of computer, and students Class 5 to Class 8 learn using computers.

First, they started to learn how to use MS Word and Paint. They are also learning blind touch typing.

We have special course (Computer, English, Math, Sewing, Baking, Indian traditional dance Kathak) 4 hours a week, The most students wished to take the computer course. They are interested in computer very much.



<January 2009>

Computer class used to be only through reading a textbook till August 2008. In September, Japanese friends gave us some computers, then practical computer class have been started by using secondhand note PC!

In bihar, if we use computer, we have to equip an inverter because electric cut off is often and the electric voltage is not stable. Using inverter, it provide us stable and automatic charge and discharge electric power.

Inverter has been equiped.

In January 09, finally we got a broadband internet connection at Surya bharti school here!

Students from village are learning computer, I hope them to fly to the world!

Our dream is coming true day by day!

We appreciate people who gave their computers for our students!



Giving a chance of Education

to cihldren in India
NGO Children Aid - Surya Bharti School
Japanese  / English  / Chinese

NGO Children Aid

C/O Hotel Mahamaya, Near Mahabodhi Temple, Bodhgaya, Gaya, Bihar 824231, India

Giving chance 
of education
to children in India

There was no school in a village. A few children went to a school by walking long way. Hundreds or more children were playing and working. Of course they could not read and write. They are very poor  and their family can only afford to eat.

We established a school (without tuition fee) in the village.