2008~2009 Japanese Class

Japanese Class

Students know greetings in Japanese.

Untill now, I taught them Greetings, words related in school, family, counting, names of colors, week, month, date etc..

They are learning how to write Haragana. Some enthusiastic students already remember Hiragana.

In last academic session, we had Japanese class for each class twice or thrice a month, it was not fixed the date.

This academic session (started in April 2009), we have 2 periods of Japanese per a week for each class.


<photo> class 4 students. In last session this class leaned only greetings. In April, they started to study Japanese more frequentry. He wrote his name in Katakana of Japanese.


<poto> The teacher writing Japanese is an Indian. I have to go to Delhi, Half of a month. While I 've been in Delhi, Indian teachers teach Japanese. First, I give teachers a training of Japanese, so that they can remember. Indian teachers are trying but proper pronouncation is very difficult, so they use Audio CD for students.