2009 5 students went to Japan

5 students traveled Japan

5 students traveled Japan for 3 weeks. Happy Science invited the students who were good results in study. October 2009, We visited Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Yufuin, Shikoku, Nasu. They experienced homestay at Japanese house, and visited factories, aquarium, science musium. They visited Hiroshima Atomic bomb musium and Atomic bomb dome where was exploded the nuclear bomb first in the world. They felt Japan's advanced socienty, learned lots of things through the tour.


Bullet Train was the very first expeience for them! "To become awaken one" Master Okawa's lecture at Yokohama Arena.           



Shinagawa Aquarium. They watched dolphine's show.




Experincing stitching with machine at a factory at Fukuchiyama. Visited a textile factory.




Visited a vegetable factory at Kyoto. Visited Science musium at Osaka.



Joined a festival at Biwako Shoshinkan. Students showed Indian dance, dandiya and traditional dance Kathak.




Students stayed at Japanese houses. Sightseeing at Nara. 



Students were excited with deers in Nara! They are very familier to animals because they have goats and cows in their house!




We visited the Atomic Bomb dome and Atomic Bomb Memorial Musium in Hiroshima. Listening to Hindi audio guide.



They came to know the both sides of science, feeling horribleness of Atomic bomb.



We watched a film "the Rebirth of Buddha" at a theatre in Beppu. We celebrated Indian festival Diwali at Yufuin Shoshinkan.


First time in their life! Sea in Shikoku.



At Nasu Shoja.


We were invited a welcome party at Setagaya branch. We played "Acchimuitehoi" game together. We enjoyed very much. We were given some used cloths. At Hanegi park.


Many many thanks to all the people who met, welcomed and took care of us! The students who went to Japan are studying hard after coming back to India. They are saying that someday, they want to study in Japan!