2010 Studying at home

Studying at Home

The textbooks and notebooks are provided by Happy Science. They are precious treasure for students. Students keep them in handmade bookshelves on the wall. Almost of their houses are made of mud and bricks.


A student says "I want to become a District Magistrate to help people and to make the society better."


Almost of the students don’t have any desks to study. They study on a floor or on a bed. They merely have enough light in their house, so they study at home before sunset or with candle light at night. Our students have discipline and they are very enthusiastic to study because they have dreams in future. Having dream is miracle for them. Before joining our school, they didn’t have much knowledge of various kinds of jobs nor recognition of huge world. There are still strong caste system in India, only education can help them to get out of the chains of poverty. I hope they can achieve their dreams and make the world better.



Helping family

Some students works after school. They teach as a home tutor, help their parent’s job, and help house work as cooking. Some students take their goat or cows or buffalos around to feed grasses, some students cut grasses and bring big quantity of grasses putting on their head to feed cows. One day, I found a student cooking eggs for customers in a village. She works hard and also studies hard.