2010 Visiting villages of students

Visiting student's village (2011)

Bihar used to be the poorest state in India. After changing the state government, total environment has been turned to be better in these 5 to 6 years. It became safe, peaceful, having availability of business. Investors and brains came out from Bihar are coming back to their home state. Bihar state shows remarkable developing rate, but still many villagers are poor enough. The state government try to invest in infrastructure and make girls go to school. I met Nitish Kumar (Chief minister) in Feb. 2010. He thanked to our activity and said to continue to support education for villagers.



Our school is located about 3 km away from the center of Bodhgaya town. Our students come from adjacent village but some students come form 8 km away from our school. I and teachers visit student’s houses frequently and advise guardians to give students time to study at home, and ask them their situation at home. We are very strict on attendance to school, we ask guardians to co-operate to let students go to school everyday.



Textbooks and uniforms are treasure for students.Students’s guardians are provably seasonally worker as farmars or labours. Their income is not enough to give their children education.They are proud of their children having good education in Surya Bharti School. Children are hope of future.