2011 Japanese volunteer teacher, Nono

Japanese volunteer teacher, nono




In Japanese class, sleep! Laugh! Get up! And run!



I spent about 2 months as a volunteer teacher of Japanese language at Surya Bharti School. Students were very energetic and class room was excited very much. They tried to speak Japanese using new words taught on the day everyday. And not only Japanese class, but also we enjoyed dance together. Suddenly, Master Okawa’s visit was decided, we had started practice of Awa dance with lower class students everyday. The music started, all starts dancing. They like dance very much. We enjoyed the practice, mixing Awa dance and Indian dance, it was so cute!

After school, I visited students homes in village with Yuki Inoue. Student’s house is made of bricks and mud without any electricity. I found the poster of “Prayer to the Lord” in every house we visited. I moved by hearing that not only students but also their family pray together.


A student told me happily, “I always studay at night like this” and lighting lump with matches. Their attitude was very beautiful for me because they try their best now in the situation which is very different from Japan’s.

The students are all gentle and pure. I can see their future that they are working on Happy Science missionary work together with us as leaders. Their future is very bright!


Nono chan was belonged to photo club. All the photos on this page taken by her are lively!