2011 Distributing textbooks and everyday lunch

New Textbooks provided


On 4th April, new textbooks arrived and provided to all students for new session started from April. Our syllabus is based on CBSE (Central government standard), and textbooks are also based on CBSE. In spring of 2012, 10th class students are going to take the matriculation exam of CBSE. All subjects except hindi, Sanskrit, are written in English. Our subjects are Hindi, Sanskrit, English, Math, Science (Biology, Chemistry, physics), Social Study (History, geography, Civics), General Knowledge, Computer, and Japanese.


Having Lunch everyday!


We provide lunch at our school everyday (6 days a week). We take care of students nutrition, using fresh vegetables. Rice, and vegetable curry, and soup made of beans. Sometimes, we use curd (yogurt) or panil (cottage cheese). We don’t use non-vege (Chicken etc.) so that we can keep cleanliness, Hygienic and prevention of infection. And 2 thirds of students are vegetarian. If some students are not vegetarian, they become temporary vegetarian around festivals.

According to our survey for students, they eat 2 or 3 times meals. But not so many students can eat vegetables everyday. Some students eat only Chapati (simply made by wheat) and a meal a day at home. Everyday lunch makes students healthy and their brain smarter. These days, skin disease are seldom found and a very few students feel faint by luck of nutrition. Thanks for your support keeping students healthy.