2011 Attending Goseitansai festival

Fun in practice!

Jai ho!


Goseitansai Festival in July

We celebrated Goseitansai Festival (Master Okawa’s descend, 7th July) in July. Mr. Imai (World missionary work lecturer of Happy Science) gave a speech on power of dream. Mr. Imai said the importance of having dream, and to continue thinking about it and try hard to realize it, then you can achieve your dream someday. He mentioned about first meeting with me 15 years ago. He said he is remembering that I told about my dream to educate villagers in India at that time. After 15 years the dream became true. He said to students to believe Lord El Cantare strongly, and study hard to be someone can contribute to this world. Students showed a drama titled “Heaven and Hell”, Kathak dance, and folk dance, and filmy dance in “Jai Ho!”. More than 3000 people attended.