2012 Villages of our students

Bihar is the poorest state in India where Bodhgaya situated.

And it is famous by the most lowest literacy rate in India.

Surya Bharti School aims to give chances of education those poor children in villages here.


The gurdians of our students work as farmers helping other people's farm to harvest crops, or work as temporary labor at factory or constructing site, or work as migrant worker in big cities away form home, or work as rikshaw puller, and their income is very low.  Our students help their family after school harvesting or taking care of annimals, or helping mother to cook.  Some students use lump or candles to study at night.


Can you believe that the children live in house made of mud are preparing for IIT, the most difficult university in India?


They are doing their best efforts toward their dreams with self-help mind!