Meeting with villagers about Health Education

Meeting with villagers about health education in a village, Bihar, India on 5th Feb.2013.We discussed how we can co-operate and what we can do together.


The place where we had the meeting was very familiar for me because it was the starting point of our activity. The building was built by my husband as a school, after our school shifted to next village, we donated the building to the village for public. Then it was used as governmental school and a clinic. We talked to the village leaders to give us a permission to use one of the rooms for our activity of health education. The leader said, "it was yours, you donated this building, so it is unnecessary to get a permission from us".

We decided about the selection of the comity members will be done by the villagers, and the members are 5 gents and 5 women. And they will select 2 social workers (a man and a woman) in order to work with us.

A teacher told about domestic violence by husband, she said it is bad and men should take care of their wives as goddess (Devi in Hindi, after marriage, the wives are called "Devi" in custom in Bihar. Devi means goddess.). Then, the leader said "You are right. Wives are goddess. But recently, we admire them as goddess Kali(very strong goddess in Hindu)."

We laughed together.

We had a great time with them.