2001 A village

The village

is a farm village having rape blossoms.

Almost of all the houses are made of cray.

On the wall, there are dungs provided by cows.

They will be used as fuel.

The villagers have only a light bulb or nothing. They have never watched TV.

Children are singing a local song. They remember the songs from hearing their mother's and Gran'ma's songs. They don't know much songs and music on TV or Movies.


Children in the village.


Whenever we go to the village, children and villagers gather around us. They hurry to see us when they find our car is coming. Car itself is very rare for them.

Also, I (foreigner) come there, they are excited.

At first time, they were very shy. Seeing display of my video camera and digital camera, they were excited very much. It was first time to see themselves.

They seldom take a photo in the village.

The village, Mahurar, is belong to Gaya area, but a little bit far away from the center of Bodh-Gaya town where tourists come all over the world. So They have never seen foreigners.

They speak in their own language to me.

People in Bodh-Gaya speak diarect called Bihari Hindi. It's very different from Hindi in Delhi. The hindi in Mahurar is more different from hindi in Delhi.

We can't communicate in standard hindi.

Their parent had never gone to school, and there is no TV, therefore they only know their own language in the village.

The children started to learn 'abcd' in standard hindi in the school.