Our Team

Chairman:  Sudama Kumar

I was born in Bodhgaya in 1971.  Studied at Gaya college.  Worked for Cox & Kings and several travel companies as tour guide and Japanese interpreter.  Managing Director in Hotel Mahamaya and Mahamaya Palace hotel & Conference Center in Bodhgaya. Established NGO Bodhgaya Children Aid Charitable Trust in 2001. 


 "Dear all donors, Well wishers, Volunteers, of India and abroad who are contributing our NGO since 2001.  We are very glad to inform you that we have produced fist batch of college students last year(2012) successfully.  This has only become due to your great support to Bodhgaya Children Aid Charitable Trust.  I hope the students of our school will be able to enlighten other people of the society with their knowledge.  This will make our society Happier and happier, brighter and brighter. By this way, with the help of all of us we will create utopia together in the future.  Hope you will continue your support to our NGO in future too for the sake of poor, helpless and deprived children of our society. "


Chairman of NGO Bodhgaya Children Aid Charitable Trust



Owner of Mahamaya hotel group





Fund raising coordinator : Yuki Inoue 

I was born in Kyoto in 1974.  I studied design art in Osaka fine art college (former Naniwa college).  After traveling china and India, I had a dream to establish a school in village.  I studied at ECC language school for 2 years, then entered in Kansai University to study Informatics.  While being a student, I traveled England, France, and Thai.  After traveling Nepal, I visited India again, at that time, I met my husband, Sudama in Delhi.  I was studying about developing countries in a seminar of global issue.  I went to Philippine for study tour.  Then I quit the university to marry in India.  I started to live in India since 1998. I and my husband established a NGO Bodh-gaya Children Aid Charitable Trust in November 2001.  We opened a school in a village in India.   

"When I visited India first time, I was very shocked to see a sharp contrast between life and death.  There were children who had very thin arms and legs, and big stomach.  They surrounded me, pulling my cloth and begged money.  I was struck by the scene that I have never seen except in TV.
What can I do for these children?  At that time, I was just a college student learning fine art, and I decided to study more.  I thought I have to study for them.  I read books related NGO and UN, then I felt necessity of language and special technique.  After I studied in a language school, I entered a university.  I planned to study abroad after graduation, suddenly, I met my husband, I quit university to marry him.
His relative brought an arrangement of marriage, but he rejected the offer.  And we married. We talked about establishing a school in India before our marriage.  My husband was very poor in his childhood, his elder brothers could not study enough but my husband (third in brothers) was able to go to college. After college, he went to Delhi to work,  became tour guide, and he  succeeded.  He knows the importance of education by his experience.  Our dream is to provide chances to get education for poor children.
Now, our dream has just started.  We want to make more and more children's face smiling while getting through many obstacles.  We want to think about their life as friends, we are respective human being each other. 
Each child will be a power to change the future in India."