Giving a chance of Education to cihldren in India
NGO Children Aid - Surya Bharti School
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Free Education for village children

ICT Education for village girls 

Health Care Project for Mothers & Infants

Japanese class for village children


Bodhgaya Children Aid Charitable Trust provides free education for children from villages as a charity activity at Surya Bharti School in Bodhgaya, India. More than 500 children  have studied in the school. We provide free lunch everyday for the children’s health. Our health care project helps mothers in villages to enhance their awareness on essential health knowledge to save their infants from diseases. We also teach them computer. We provide ICT education for village girls as a vocational training. We teach not only English but also Japanese language. We train senior students in Japanese at professional level. We believe in the power of education to empower children to make their future brighter by their efforts!


Living in India

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2 students passed JLPT N3, and one student passed N5 (Thu, 25 May 2017)

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32 hours by train to Delhi! Road to JLPT (Japanese language test) (Wed, 26 Apr 2017)

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Studying hard in 40 degree Celsius in Bodhgaya (Tue, 25 Apr 2017)

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Giving a chance of Education

to cihldren in India
NGO Children Aid - Surya Bharti School
Japanese  / English  / Chinese

NGO Children Aid

C/O Hotel Mahamaya Palace, Bakraur, Near Sujata bridge, Bodhgaya, Gaya, Bihar 824231, India


Giving chance 
of education
to children in India

There was no school in a village. A few children went to a school by walking long way. Hundreds or more children were playing and working. Of course they could not read and write. They are very poor  and their family can only afford to eat.

We established a school (without tuition fee) in the village.