Japanese special class (science)

Japanese special class(science)

We had a Japanese special class on 9th Feb. at Surya Bharti School in Bodhgaya.
We learned about science (3rd grade in elementary class in Japan) in Japanese.
It was "The components of the plants".
I explain in English and Hindi.
The structure of sentences of Japanese are very similar to Hindi, so it is easy to explain in Hindi.
We studied Kanji (difficult form) too.
In the next class, which subject will be chosen to teach...?


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2012 Distributing new textbooks

In April, our students are happy to receive new textbooks!  The students who have TV in their house are seldom, so textbooks are best entertainment tool for them!



2011 Distributing textbooks and everyday lunch

New Textbooks provided


On 4th April, new textbooks arrived and provided to all students for new session started from April. Our syllabus is based on CBSE (Central government standard), and textbooks are also based on CBSE. In spring of 2012, 10th class students are going to take the matriculation exam of CBSE. All subjects except hindi, Sanskrit, are written in English. Our subjects are Hindi, Sanskrit, English, Math, Science (Biology, Chemistry, physics), Social Study (History, geography, Civics), General Knowledge, Computer, and Japanese.


Having Lunch everyday!


We provide lunch at our school everyday (6 days a week). We take care of students nutrition, using fresh vegetables. Rice, and vegetable curry, and soup made of beans. Sometimes, we use curd (yogurt) or panil (cottage cheese). We don’t use non-vege (Chicken etc.) so that we can keep cleanliness, Hygienic and prevention of infection. And 2 thirds of students are vegetarian. If some students are not vegetarian, they become temporary vegetarian around festivals.

According to our survey for students, they eat 2 or 3 times meals. But not so many students can eat vegetables everyday. Some students eat only Chapati (simply made by wheat) and a meal a day at home. Everyday lunch makes students healthy and their brain smarter. These days, skin disease are seldom found and a very few students feel faint by luck of nutrition. Thanks for your support keeping students healthy.


2009 Distributing textbooks

Distributing textbooks (gifted by Happy Science)


April is very busy month.  We distribute new textbooks to all students in the beginning of new school year.


The subjects we teach are Hindi, Science, SST(Social Study), General Knowledge, Math, Sanskrit, Computer, and Japanese.


We use textbooks whch was based on CBSE instruction.  Except Hindi and Sanskrit, the textbooks are written in english.


We distribute them after arranging for each classes.


Let's study with new textbooks!



2009 Computer class

Computer Class 

<April 2009>

Students in Class 2 to Class 4 study knowledge of computer, and students Class 5 to Class 8 learn using computers.

First, they started to learn how to use MS Word and Paint. They are also learning blind touch typing.

We have special course (Computer, English, Math, Sewing, Baking, Indian traditional dance Kathak) 4 hours a week, The most students wished to take the computer course. They are interested in computer very much.



<January 2009>

Computer class used to be only through reading a textbook till August 2008. In September, Japanese friends gave us some computers, then practical computer class have been started by using secondhand note PC!

In bihar, if we use computer, we have to equip an inverter because electric cut off is often and the electric voltage is not stable. Using inverter, it provide us stable and automatic charge and discharge electric power.

Inverter has been equiped.

In January 09, finally we got a broadband internet connection at Surya bharti school here!

Students from village are learning computer, I hope them to fly to the world!

Our dream is coming true day by day!

We appreciate people who gave their computers for our students!

2009 Kathak dance class

Class of Kathak dance, North Indian traditional dance


We have a class of Kathak by special teacher twice a week.

We started special course class of Kathak, computer, english, math, sewing, and baking since this April.

Students select their own interesting class.

I thought girls will select Kathak, but actually, most of the students who took Kathak are boys.

In the Kathak class, the beginning and ending, students touch the teachers tow with their hand with respect(it is India culture).

The Kathak teacher teaches traditional way for students.



2008 class room

Class room in Dec 2008 


Class of mathematics. (photo left above) English class. (photo right above) Upper classes are taught by special teachers of each subjects.


Classes are divided by student's level. Therefore you can see variety of student's age in a class.


Nursery class (photo left above). Before going up to class first, they should obtain basics. In nursery, they even study 5 digits calculation. It is very hard to pass the level to class first in bihar. (photo right above) Class of sewing. Students are practicing how to use sewing machine. Some students learned to make a small shirt for doll. Now their target is small bag. (photo left below) Leaning needle works.



2007~2008 Photo Album

Photo Album 2007 - 2008


Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5 Class 6 Class 7 Nursery class


Some students are good at studying, always cheerful, always smiling, running faster, writing well, and good painter, Lots of variety. 


After school, some students go to home walking one and half hours, and finish their homework, and help mother. They are very kind.


Before leaving school, have 10 minutes meditation to reflect how was the day.


A boy was named engineer, a girl wants to be a clerk, a girl wants to be a poet. They have own dream.


Winter festival, students wrote scenarios by themselves. It made all fun! Best comedy was VIPbarber. 


Acting in their own clothes. Girls borrowed their mother's sari.


December, Christmas party. Drama Life of Jesus.


Seeing Santa clause at first time, "Who is he wearing red clothes??"


March, we held a culture festival & seminar at our school. Not only guardians but also many people from Gaya attended.


Acting with reality as drunker. All the students performed very well, we were proud of that.


Sun God Surya has 7 horses.


Performing with a song of India's independence.

2001-2005 Children School Mahurar

Children School Mahurar

(2001 - 2005)



(2001-2005 in Mahurar) Now our school shifted to the next village. How was the starting of the school, we show you here.



This was our school. We rented the building in this village. I t had 3 class rooms, but we had 4 class. A class was under sky outside the building. I asked a teacher "when it is rain what can we do for children outside?". He said "Until rainy season, there is no rain so don't worry".


We had 4 teachers in 2002. They live in the village. They took exam for collage, one of them taught in another school. The other teachers were unemployed. They are educated persons in the village, but in the city, there are high educated people than them. It is difficult to get a job in city for villagers. A female teacher are holding her son in the photo above.


It was first time to learn how to write and read. They are learning how to hold pencil or chalk. The age of students in a class is different. We divided them by their ability. They don't know how old are they by themselves. They have many brothers and sisters, and their parents don't care their birthday.

A girl had handicap in her legs. We gave her a wheel chair. Some friends helped her practicing how to drive it.


Indian way of study. Some poster put up on the wall. It shows abc in hindi. A is for arm(means mongo) like that. One student read it loudly and other students follow. In Class 1, 2, and 3, students started to study in our school first time. At that time, they were studying Hindi, English, and Math. After learning how to write and read, they step forward to learn many subjects.


On the roof. Class 4 students joined here from another school which are located far place. So their uniforms are different. A few students can afford to buy uniform. A man who are standing with crutch, was a student. He is about 17 years old. He was big but he wanted to study.

A few students are very good at study. We expect their future will be bright.