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Children Aid Child Support


Our students have bad economical backgrounds. They can not afford to take education without our helps. Almost of their parents are illiterate but these students study in our Surya Bharti School have been given high level education, they have future dream and try hard to achieve it!

★Would you Co-operate with us?

We support our students' education by donation. We have a system "Children Aid Child Support". If you become a CA Parents(child supporter), you can receive letter from a student. Please join us! If you are interested in our Child support system, please contact us!

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"Children Aid Child Support" makes it possible that good education  and nutricious meels everyday for the children in villages. Please send donation of 200 US$ per year so that a child can study and get lunch everyday. Your warm support will make the children get high quolity education and will a power to make their dream come true in the future!

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Thanks for your co-operation!